A more efficient aeration blower: Turbo Blower VS Tri Lobe Blower

Blower is essential for water treatment plant.

Sewage water is processed with the help of bacteria in aeration tank at water treatment plant and the basic principal is the bacteria purify the water by degrading the organic matter. Blower provide sufficient oxygen to bacteria by blowing air into the water tank and guarantee the maximum working of bacteria

Aeration blowers are divided by rotary lobe blowers, multistage centrifugal blowers, geared type centrifugal blower, magnetic bearing turbo blower and air bearing turbo blower, here we talk about rotary lobe blower and turbo blower.

 Previously the most used aeration blower is positive displacement blowers and roots blowers, as we know, aeration blower power consumption take around 50-70% of total cost in the daily operation of water treatment plant, striving for a more efficient aeration blower is always a good choice for the water treatment plant operator, so turbo blower arise.

what is a turbo blower?

In short, turbo blower is a kind of centrifugal blower as blower impeller is driven by magnetic bearing or air bearing and rotating at super high speed more than 20000 rpm, so it’s also called air bearing turbo blower or magnetic bearing turbo blower.

How much percentage electricity could turbo blower save than rotary lobe blower?

Below is a water treatment plant project by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, this project wastewater treatment plant are chemicals factory which has wastewater around 16,000 m^3/day.  Let's first check water treatment plant layout drawing:

Let's check aeration blower parameter:

Information provided by water treatment plant operator shows that the power consumption from their old root blower equally to 390 KW, and they want to replace it by a turbo blower.

So we offer 2 sets of 250HP turbo blower with parameter at 130 m3/min @ 80 kpa, at which point overall power consumption is 155KW.

By calculation, we can get How much percentage electricity could turbo blower save than rotary lobe blower.

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