Turbo Blower for Aerated Grit Chambers in Water Treatment Plant

Turbo blower is the the most efficient blower for aerated grit chamber in water treatment plant.

In the primary process, after larger solids are screened out of the effluent, raw sewage rapidly flows into the grit chamber. The purpose is to settle out inorganic material, but not to allow organic material to settle. Removing grit is important to protect downstream pumps, centrifuges and heat exchangers and to reduce deposits from forming in the pipelines and channels.

Аerated grit chamber removes heavy particles after water has passed through bar screens into grit chamber, which has air blower into it. The air induce a spiral of water to flow through the tank and heavier particles are thrown out of the water's streamline and hitting the wall, the heavier particles settle down to the bottom of the tank, while the lighter organic particles are suspended and eventually passed through the tank.

Appropriate air supply and diffuser arrangement is quite important for the grit removal. Normally microorganism processes are often combined in one process with grit removal. Grit basin is dedicated to remove solids and activated sludge is added to a separate aeration process.

As the leading turbo blower manufacturer, ZCJSD turbo blower provides quality products efficiently and economically. ZCJSD turbo blowe save more than 40% electricity in water treatment plant, which is good partner for water treatment plant operator.

ZCJSD turbo blower

ZCJSD turbo blower junta técnicos com vasta experiência na área de tratamento de águas residuais industrial e urbana, águas de consumo, águas de processo, sistemas de rega e fertirrega, bem como em outras diversas áreas industriais. Devido à crescente procura de equipamentos e serviços diversificados, ZCJSD turbo blower sentiu necessidade de criar três grandes áreas de negócio, sob a forma de três marcas: 

- Water: fornecimento e instalação de equipamentos eletromecânicos para tratamento de água e águas residuais em instalações públicas de água e saneamento; 

-Green: assemblagem e instalação de sistemas de rega e fertirrega para indústria agrícola;

 -  Industry: Comercialização de equipamentos para a industria e/ou serviços de manutenção.

A more efficient aeration blower: Turbo Blower VS Tri Lobe Blower

Blower is essential for water treatment plant.

Sewage water is processed with the help of bacteria in aeration tank at water treatment plant and the basic principal is the bacteria purify the water by degrading the organic matter. Blower provide sufficient oxygen to bacteria by blowing air into the water tank and guarantee the maximum working of bacteria

Aeration blowers are divided by rotary lobe blowers, multistage centrifugal blowers, geared type centrifugal blower, magnetic bearing turbo blower and air bearing turbo blower, here we talk about rotary lobe blower and turbo blower.

 Previously the most used aeration blower is positive displacement blowers and roots blowers, as we know, aeration blower power consumption take around 50-70% of total cost in the daily operation of water treatment plant, striving for a more efficient aeration blower is always a good choice for the water treatment plant operator, so turbo blower arise.

what is a turbo blower?

In short, turbo blower is a kind of centrifugal blower as blower impeller is driven by magnetic bearing or air bearing and rotating at super high speed more than 20000 rpm, so it’s also called air bearing turbo blower or magnetic bearing turbo blower.

How much percentage electricity could turbo blower save than rotary lobe blower?

Below is a water treatment plant project by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, this project wastewater treatment plant are chemicals factory which has wastewater around 16,000 m^3/day.  Let's first check water treatment plant layout drawing:

Let's check aeration blower parameter:

Information provided by water treatment plant operator shows that the power consumption from their old root blower equally to 390 KW, and they want to replace it by a turbo blower.

So we offer 2 sets of 250HP turbo blower with parameter at 130 m3/min @ 80 kpa, at which point overall power consumption is 155KW.

By calculation, we can get How much percentage electricity could turbo blower save than rotary lobe blower.

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Blower upgrading in cement indstry: turbo blower to replace roots blower

Low pressure blowers is essential equipment at many stages of cement production and cement manufacturing at cement industry. At the beginning of the process, blower is used to convey materials into and out of the kiln. And blower packages move combustion air in the firing process. After the production, blowers are used to convey cement at various transport points.

In the past, roots blower, twin lobe roots blower and three lobe roots blower which is also called rotary lobe compressors, is widely installed in cement manufacturing plants for Kiln Burner Feeding, Precalciner Burner Feeding, Silo Mixing Bin Aeration, Surge Bin Aeration etc. 

We can see the roots blower installed at the cement plant for cement production in the blue circle.

Nowadays, with the increasing demand of Energy Saving and Profit Increasing from cement plant, turbo blower to replace roots blower has been a trend in cement industry in China in the past 5 years.China cement manufacture group SINOMA Cement, Shanhui Cement, CONCH Cement, HUAXIN Cement have gradully replaced roots blower with turbo blower.

ZCJSD turbo blower engineer and equipment engineer of SINOMA cement plant are checking cement turbo blower operation, turbo blower save more than 50% energy than roots blower by actual site comparison.

Situation is same all around the world regarding turbo blower to replace roots blower, HUME Cement in Malaysia, EAGLE Cement in Philippine, PT Semen Gresik in Indonesia, SIAM Cement in Thailand and VICEM Cement in Vietnam has start to try turbo blower to save energy.

On site technical seminar with equipment manager of Hume Cement Sdn Bhd at Ipoh Malaysia

New technology saves cost, turbo blower helps attain overall optimum performance of the plant production in cement industry. Making a high efficient turbo blower is our responsibility and we will continously contribute to the critical application in a cement plant for cement industry.

Thanks for these people who provide support to this article: Huang TianHeng of Equipment Engineer of SINOMA Cement, Wang LiHe of SINOMA Cement Research Institute, Li TianCheng of China Cement Association, Zhao MingDai of Techinical Engineer from ZCJSD turbo blower, Li Wei of Site Application Engineer from ZCJSD turbo blower and the Article is by Harvey from ZCJSD turbo blower, 

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Turbo Blower ZCJSD Production Line

ZCJSD turbo blower introduced advanced automatic production line, which is designed by Mazak Corporation, we have achieved an annual output capability of 1100 sets air bearing turbo blowers.

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