Turbo Blower for Aerated Grit Chambers in Water Treatment Plant

Turbo blower is the the most efficient blower for aerated grit chamber in water treatment plant.

In the primary process, after larger solids are screened out of the effluent, raw sewage rapidly flows into the grit chamber. The purpose is to settle out inorganic material, but not to allow organic material to settle. Removing grit is important to protect downstream pumps, centrifuges and heat exchangers and to reduce deposits from forming in the pipelines and channels.

Аerated grit chamber removes heavy particles after water has passed through bar screens into grit chamber, which has air blower into it. The air induce a spiral of water to flow through the tank and heavier particles are thrown out of the water's streamline and hitting the wall, the heavier particles settle down to the bottom of the tank, while the lighter organic particles are suspended and eventually passed through the tank.

Appropriate air supply and diffuser arrangement is quite important for the grit removal. Normally microorganism processes are often combined in one process with grit removal. Grit basin is dedicated to remove solids and activated sludge is added to a separate aeration process.

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